U.S. team here to discuss regulatory planning for Guyana’s Oil and Gas sector


A team from the United States (US) Embassy and Deloitte Advisory met today with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, to discuss regulatory planning for the Oil and Gas sector. The United States has pledged funding for expanding capacity in the Oil and Gas sector under the Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative (EGCI).

The U.S. team, along with U.S. Embassy Charge deAffaires Bryan Hunt meeting with PM Moses Nagagamootoo today
The team, along with U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Bryan Hunt, meeting with PM Moses Nagamootoo today

EGCI is a US Department of State-led, U.S. inter-agency effort to provide a wide range of technical and capacity building assistance to the host governments of select countries that are on the verge of becoming the world’s next generation of oil and gas producers.

According to a statement this afternoon from PM Nagamootoo’s office, the team will work closely with the Prime Minister who has oversight of governance matters; the Ministry of Natural Resources, within whose ambit rests responsibility for oil and gas; and various state agencies and ministries.


  1. U.S. team here to discuss regulatory planning for Guyana’s Oil and Gas sector..
    This is exactly why US implemented regime change–oil baby oil– cheap oil for the US glut..
    US will get Guyana oil for like free–payment for installing PNC rule..
    US cant do business with PPP regime because PPP team knows economics and will never give away Guyana oil free..
    US people are not stupid people–they only look out and cater for their own business community – fat boi will get his cut and so is PNC top brass.
    But not even oil crumbs for the Guyanese masses..Stay tuned..


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