U.S.-based Guyanese working to curb suicide in Essequibo


United States (US) based Guyanese Reverend Banmattie Ram and Mr. Jonathan Subrian, on Thursday, met with President David Granger, at the Ministry of the Presidency, to provide him with an overview of a project that they started in Essequibo to combat suicide.

ramIn an invited comment, Reverend Ram, who is also a teacher in New York, said that she read about the recent upsurge in suicide in Guyana and took a decision to do something about it.

“I said…that I need to buy myself a ticket and get down here because I have a background in counselling and I am a Pastor, and [do] what I can [to] help persons,” Reverend Ram said.

Since she arrived, Reverend Ram, with support from Mr. Jonathan Subrian and others from the region and those in the diaspora have initiated several meetings, particularly in the schools in Essequibo, offering counselling and motivational sessions.

“I started in Essequibo at the Anna Regina Multilateral School and the Abram Zuil Secondary [School], we did small and interactive sessions with the students, listening to what they had to say. We held community meetings, meetings with the religious leaders and so on to see how best we can go ahead in addressing this issue,” she said.

According to Reverend Ram, so far, the region’s response has been phenomenal and those involved are now looking at ways to expand the programme.

Meanwhile, Mr. Subrian said work has now started in Charity, Pomeroon, where discussions are on-going to adopt the Charity Secondary School and the Students’ Hostel to start a mentorship pilot project. (Ministry of the Presidency)



  1. Excellent analysis , I Appreciate the facts ! Does anyone know if my company can find a blank Score Sheet Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale version to use ?

  2. Hi Christina I don’t think we r stupid to get help from outside as u say I think u r stupid to make such statement. The people of Guyana need help and if we don’t have people at home with the relevant skill or who is willing to help why should it be a problem having help from outside. No man is an island and we all need help from others at times. My dear we all need a shoulder to cry on some time or another so wise up.

  3. When I see outsides come to Guyana to deal with our problem or issue it says to me that we are stupid to handle our business thats y ppl have to come and do it for us. An eg. During the last election when the EU workers had to over view our election.

  4. I again ask that Mr Jagdeo, through his foundation set up a a Suicide Prevention, country wide, coordinated , 24/7 hot line and counsellors.Many people want to help, but need a regognised organisation, to coordinate with. Give back to the people with action that will save lives.You can do this, but only if you care for the people


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