Two Permanent Secretaries sent packing

Collin Croal and former President, Donald Ramotar.

By Leroy Smith

Nigel Dharamlall
Nigel Dharamlall

[] – Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Local Government now known as the Ministry of Communities, Collin Croal along with Permanent Secretary of the Amerindian Affairs Ministry, Nigel Dharamlall have been sent home until further notice.

iNews has been informed that both men have been off the job for a few days now but there has been no official word on this issue from the respective Ministries, Government Information Agency or the Ministers who recently took over the ministries.

While the details surrounding the sending home of the Permanent Secretaries are unclear, the two men have been reluctant to comment on the issues. Newly sworn in President, David Granger had recently stated that he accepted the resignation of those PS who resigned to join the elections campaign of the PPP/C.

Both Croal and Dharamlall participated in the PPP’s campaign and had resigned but withdrew their resignations shortly before the APNU+AFC was announced the winner.

When contacted on Friday evening, Croal told iNews that he does wish to comment on the issue and is awaiting an official or public pronouncement on the decision from the Minister of Communities.

Collin Croal and former President, Donald Ramotar.
Collin Croal and former President, Donald Ramotar.

Meanwhile, iNews was reliably informed that three staff members from the Ministry of Presidency (formerly known as Office of the President) were also sent home.

iNews understands these three employees were implanted into the President’s Office by the previous administration and were executing Party functions under the guise of conducting legitimate Government business while drawing down on tax payers’ dollars.



  1. Get them out,they thief enough,Democracy you call it,any one of you used such words when Ronald Waddel,Donna McCannon,Cortney Crum-ewing,and the list of 400 + murders, when Mark was silence in jail all of you were sleeping. Wake up to the new and true guyanese living,

  2. Colin ,do you really support the dismissal of public servants because they support a political party of their choice .Come on ,man, is this democracy?

  3. YEA, These were the same two that were implicated by our young Indigenous girls. The three was the PPP propaganda tool at OP. They blatant to be still sitting around. Out go Romel, Granger the ranger, cleaning out you mongols.

  4. Witch hunt you call it. Guess who are the “witches”and “wizards”of corruption, nepotism, racism, etc? Bobby is that you? You too from the NR?

  5. The witch hunt has begun. Where will it end? On the spectators who are cheering it on. Keep on applauding , my friends.

  6. You crazy? Qualified for what? Spouting all that drivel in the newspapers every week? Have you ever read any of his rubbish?

  7. Permanent Secretaries are PERMANENT Public Servants:

    They are there to ensure the Minister in charge of that Ministry gets his/her policy circulated, and executed.

    They should not have any political bias, unless they were politically appointed.

    And that would violate the ethics of a Credible Public/Civil Servant.

  8. Certainly not Green there was bad blood before now that ministry needs revamping alot of gods there threat people any how

  9. Traditionally, Permanent Secretaries were Public Servants who served for many years. And came in via The Public Service Commission.

    To reach the level of P S, your service had to be long, credible, and without question.

    But politically appointed Permanent Secretaries are NOT CREDIBLE, and does not confirm to the traditional criteria.

  10. yea the change has to be full circle. However Ms Broomes if what was reported were actually her utterances then this is not a good begining and she may not be a good minister in the making

  11. Cleaning House; in the meantime, you need to call Ms Broome in and give her a piece of HUMBLE PIE, if she refuses, replace her with Ms Greene. Everyone has to be on board. It’s as simple as that..

  12. We will soon make the status or pass that of the Kabaacka.
    Leave people alone to provide for their children.


  14. Publish the names of all the suspected operatives of the PPP/C , their salaries and the nature of their jobs. Hydar Ali, Rima Rohee, Kwame, Lumumba… all the parasites. Let this nation know about all the contract workers and why they were so employed. Publish THEIR salaries, too.
    Let us know about ALL the relatives of the PPP/C hierarchy who had cushy jobs with Govt. and State entities… Their salaries et cetera. Review all their employment basis.and . all the plugs that do not fit their HOLES must be ID.. and the holes made BIGGER or, the poles made ROUND..,. Somehow… By PARING, the POLES with a PEN- knife. JAI HO! PEACE!

  15. Send them home ! They will have all the time needed to do party business. One cannot serve two masters at the same time. And for those that will shout loudly from the top of the mountain about retaliation and racism, the pee pee pee did just that. They replaced most of the major heads of departments with their people. A look at diplomatic postings is a case in point.

  16. Is Hydar still on the job? Why? Also the arrogant square peg at Health and Culture. Blow Blow and do nothing. NOT to forget those corrupt PS at Culture and Amerindian Affairs. Come on send these people packing. But make sure they leave those offices empty handed.


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