T&T woman brutally stabbed to death, attacker kills self

Gasparillo resident Christine Joseph, who was killed on Monday.

Murder victim Christine Joseph was stabbed at least 50 times, and had tried to run away from her attacker.

Gasparillo resident Christine Joseph, who was killed on Monday.

And when she collapsed her killer inflicted a fatal slash wound to her throat.

This was the finding of pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov who performed an autopsy on her body on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

Alexandrov said that Joseph’s body bore multiple stab wounds mainly on her upper body.

Her throat was slit from ear to ear, with the wound extending to the back of her neck, Alexandrov said.

“We classify this type of homicide as ‘committed with brutality’”, the forensic pathologist told the Express.

Joseph, 21, was discovered dead in the home of her estranged boyfriend Keyon Roberts, 31, on Monday. Roberts’ body was found burnt outside the house near a teak field.

Alexandrov said that Roberts became “a living torch” since he sustained third degree burns to 90 per cent of his body.

He died of painful shock within minutes of being burnt, Alexandrov said.

The bodies were found by Roberts’s relatives who live close to them at Parforce Road Extension.

Joseph’s mother, Roxanne Joseph, said her daughter had suffered for years from physical abuse from Roberts and she took out a protection order against him last year.

She said that her daughter left Roberts in December, but on Sunday she met with him and said they were attempting to rekindle their relationship.

Roxanne Joseph said that a sister and the grandmother of Keyon Roberts, told her they were sorry for what happened to her daughter.

Joseph said: “I went up to his brother and sister and they didn’t know what to say.

As a mother I told them I was sorry this happened and I believe it could have been prevented. She said that was sorry for what her brother did. His grandmother told me the same thing. I can’t say anything bad about his family. What’s done is done”. (Trinidad Express)




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