T&T man slain, wife clings to life after cutlass attack


(Reprinted from the Trinidad Guardian)

Trinidad and Tobago – A Cascade man was gunned down while his wife was fighting for her life at a hospital last night, having been beaten with a brick and chopped by the men who killed her husband. The couple was ambushed at Mt Hololo, Cascade, on Monday night. The couple’s two children watched on in horror as the men brutally attacked their parents as they walked through a track on the way home but were left unhurt, although they were severely traumatised.

crime-rate-scene-2According to police reports Anthony Henry, 35, his wife, Anika Kwanza, 29, and their two children, aged seven and four, had just returned to their home at Casablanca Road, Cascade, around 9.30 pm when they were jumped by two men armed with guns and cutlasses.

The men beat the couple, robbed them, chopped Kwanza and beat her with nearby concrete blocks, shot Henry and as he lay dying smashed his face in with a concrete block. All this they did while the children stood by watching.

During the attack, police attached to the Port-of-Spain Division responded to reports from residents.

But along the way two of their SUVs crashed near the Cascade River Gardens apartment complex and one officer fractured his arm.

The remaining officers managed to arrive at the scene to find the attackers still rummaging through the couple’s belongings.

The killers shot at the police and ran off into the hills. Police called for air support but the national security helicopter could not help the police find the killers who used the knowledge of the hilly terrain to escape.




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