Truth and consequences…


…with Hamilton Green

Hamilton Green is well past the “three score and ten” years most folks aspire to in this life. And as such, you’d think he’d be looking ahead to smooth his path in the hereafter. After all, the choices are pretty stark – fire and brimstone on one hand, and milk and honey on the other!

Furthermore, he doesn’t have to worry about grubbing for a living in the here and now: all of that was taken care of by his old Burnhamite soulmate David “the Sanctimonious Gangster” Granger. With a million-dollar pension with perks – courtesy of a special Bill in his name – he can “cock up his foot” anytime he wants!

But Green insists on pushing a sanctimonious line that’s as unctuous as the one Granger affected. We can’t say whether he’s still going along with that farce, since he hasn’t been seen after his elections heist collapsed ignominiously! Anyhow, unlike Granger, Green’s record of violence, bullyism and thuggery between 1960 and 1992 is so open and notorious that there is universal scorn for his pretentious. Now, this is not to say that people can’t change. Saul, after all, became Paul after he heard that booming voice from the sky while on the road to Damascus!

But let’s be honest; the days of booming voices from the sky are long gone, aren’t they? So, Hamilton Green has a real credibility problem to people like your Eyewitness, who knows him from back in the day. Eyebrows are raised when he talks about “moral renewal” and “lions lying down with lambs” and other such homilies. In these matters about the veracity of statements, there are criteria called “epistemic virtues” and “epistemic vices”. Folks who’re known to be open-minded and possess intellectual integrity are more believable – unlike those like Hamilton Green, who’re dogmatic, prejudiced, and closed-minded.

One way Green may begin to redeem his credibility would be to confess to his actions from his thuggish past, when he destroyed so many lives with impunity. How about starting with all those Opposition meetings he violently broke up? Or about turning down Rodney’s appointment at UG after the world class historian’s application had been accepted? Or about all the rigging of elections he was involved in? And if he REALLY wants to be given a new chance, he could do worse than give us all the dirt on the death (?) of his wife Shirley Field-Ridley and his ex-PPP Cabinet colleague Vincent Teekah. These would add to his non-existent stock of epistemic virtues! And then confession is said to be good for the soul, and his soul certainly needs help!

In the meantime, he’s merely very aggravating to readers who are exposed to his drivel.

…of misconduct in public office

There is much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (especially the latter) in the PNC camp as the PPP attempts to reverse the wholesale looting of State resources they engaged in during their last five-year stint at the national wheel. It’s no wonder the ship of State foundered on the rocks of greed, since PNC hands were in the public purse rather than on the aforementioned wheel!

Right now, the “rod of correction” du jour continues to be on land grabbing. Your Eyewitness just can’t understand why the PNC is upset when public officials like Benn from the GL&SC are hauled before the courts for alleged infractions. The key word is “alleged”, since it’s not like the PPP is hanging the accused without a trial. If no laws were broken, Benn or Bond will go free, no?

Didn’t the PNC do the same thing with Brassington and Singh as soon as they slid into office in 2015?

…on race talk

There’s still a buzz in the media following the Oprah interview of Harry and Megan, who evidently have been cast out from the House of Windsor.

But why not build an independent brand, rather than a slash-and-burn?