Truck driver dies in Rupununi accident


A 23 – year – old truck driver died on Friday, July 12, following an accident in South Rupununi.

iNews was informed that Dwayne Williams of Lethem, was driving the truck across the flooded road, as the Rupununi river was overflowing its banks. It was at this time that Williams inaccurately averaged the road and slipped off the edge of the recently reconstructed Waradapau Bridge.

According to reports, at the time of the accident, the truck was transporting fuel to Aishalton Village. iNews understands that a porter, identified as Seon Martin tried to locate the vehicle’s winch but proved futile.

In this regard, Williams then decided to assist Martin in locating the winch, by diving several times into the river. However, Williams went down into the water, and did not re – surface.

According to reports, he was later found dead in nearby bushes, about 30 meters away from truck.



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