Troops on the streets will not dismiss public fears– Rohee

PPP General Secretary and former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

The present administration’s latest strategy to deploy the army on a mission to address the crime situation and a “potential domestic security threat” will not dispel the growing fears and anxieties of Guyanese over their safety and security, according to the Peoples Progressive Party General Secretary, Clement Rohee earlier today.

PPP General Secretary and former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee
PPP General Secretary and former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

Rohee stated that he believes Guyanese will only feel safe again when they begin to see concrete evidence that Guyana’s law enforcement is controlling the crime ‘infection’ ravaging the country. During a press conference today, he again lambasted the Government for failing in every bid to put an end to this crime wave.

“The Granger administration is clearly overwhelmed by the crime situation which has spiraled out of control forcing them to admit by their very actions, that they have failed the people on this front. The continuous bombardment of speeches, lectures and pontifications and lamentations by government spokespersons will not solve the problem,” he stated.

However, Rohee also expressed pleasure that the government finally “woke up from its slumber”.

The former Home Affairs Minister, who was highly criticized by the APNU and AFC for his management of the sector, reminded the very persons that they had boasted of having the solutions to significantly reduce crime in the country. “It is indeed mind-boggling to recall that while the APNU was in the opposition it knew exactly what had to be done to address the crime situation in our country. But now that it is in the government it is at its wits end not knowing what to do to quell the surge in crime,” he stated.

In a statement on Friday, government said it will be deploying the army to conduct exercises in conjunction with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to address the crime situation and a potential domestic security threat but the missive did not elaborate on these operations.

Rohee, whose home was just recently robbed by bandits, believes however, that these efforts by the administration will not dispel the fears of Guyanese.

“Messrs Granger’s and Ramjattan’s attempts to allay the growing fears and anxieties of Guyanese over their safety and security will not succeed by telling them that they have “nothing to worry about”, nor “not to be alarmed” nor to “be patient”. Nor will Guyanese be assured that they will not be robbed in their homes, place of work or on the streets by “putting troops in targeted areas to allay their fears and to help arrest the crime situation,” he said.

The Parliamentarian contended that “all of this will fall on deaf ears unless the people begin to see tangible and sustainable results from efforts by law enforcement to bring the crime situation under control.”

Rohee reminded that the good life which the APNU/AFC coalition government says Guyanese are entitled to will not be realised with the “constant loss of life, limb and/or property”.



  1. Rohee,what do you know about SECURITY?as Minister of Home Affairs,you were a failure,that is why you were called upon to RESIGN by the former Opposition.Your incompetence was of a very HIGH STANDARD.WERE YOU EVER ENLISTED INTO THE MILITARY OR PARA-MILITARY SERVICES?NEVER.Yuh mus keep yuh mout shut sometimes.


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