Trio ordered to do community service after busted with marijuana at GuyExpo


DSC05284[] – Two women and one man were placed before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry charged with the offence of possession of narcotics.

Thirty – one – year old Alicia Blackman of Diamond Housing Scheme, 34 – year – old Christine Collins of Lamaha Park, Georgetown and 21 – year – old Marlon Belle of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown all pleaded guilty to the offence.

The particulars of the case state that on October 5 at the Sophia Exhibition Centre; Collins and Blackman had four grams of cannabis on their possession and on the same day Belle had one gram of the said illegal substance.

Attorney – at – law Paul Fung-A-Fat represented the trio and suggested that his clients be fined and sentenced to community service.

As such, Magistrate Beharry fined each of the accused $3,000 and sentenced them to six months of community service which is to be served at the Palms in Georgetown every Saturday. [Royan Abrams]



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