Travelers remain hopeful of better service as TravelSpan returns


PIE CHART[]With the return of direct flights between Georgetown and New York, compliments of TravelSpan, persons remain hopeful that this will lead to improved services and better airfare.

During an iNews poll, persons were asked, “Do you think the return of TravelSpan direct flights will lead to improved services and better air fare between Georgetown and New York?”

In response, 70 percent of respondents voted ‘yes’, while 25 percent voted and ‘no’ and five percent were undecided.

TravelSpan is preparing to begin non-stop flights between Guyana and the United States of America (USA) on December 14 and its Management has set out to boast about the delivery of an unmatched service.

TravelSpan was recently given the green light to commence the non-stop flights by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and has deposited a bond of over $200,000.

In September, TravelSpan was also given the go ahead by the US Department of Transport.



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