Trial into “granny” murder commences

Colin Allen also known as Colis Williams

Colin Allen also known as Colis Williams and referred to as “Bonus” earlier today denied killing 77-year-old  Danrasie Ganesh called ‘Carmen’ as the trail commences at the High Court before Justice Navindra Singh.

Colin Allen also known as Colis Williams

The woman was murdered August 1, 2015 at a home at which she was care-taking. Some 10 witnesses are expected to testify during the trial.

Murdered, Danrasie Ganesh called ‘Carmen’

Allen is being represented by attorney Rachael Bakker while Tuanna Hardy, Teriq Mohammed and Abigail Gibbs are representing the state.

According to reports, Ganesh’s battered body was discovered by relatives who went to check on her on the day in question.

The murder which was reportedly captured on CCTV footage showed who is believed to be the accused striking Ganesh to her head with a tyre wrench before dragging her to a corner where the woman collapsed.

The murderer then used a hand towel to strangle Ganesh around her neck, stomping and kicking her in the process until she went motionless.

Following his arrest shortly after the killing, Allen told detectives that he was paid some $700,000 by a relative of Ganesh to kill her and to further steal documents pertaining to a property.




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