Traffic Superintendent hospitalised after early morning accident


Superintendent of Traffic Dion Moore, has been hospitalised following an accident which took place this morning along the East Bank Demerara (EBD) roadway.

moore 1Reports are that the senior officer was travelling in a private motor vehicle along the Providence Public Road, EBD, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and collided with a utility pole.

As a result of this, the Police Superintendent sustained injuries and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, investigations are in progress.




  1. This is the second such accident within two weeks, I do hope and pray that there are not more to these cases that meets the eye. We have already lost one Officer in this manner.

  2. Just imagine this scene: Traffic chief in a vehicle which lost control, collides with a utility pole. Traffic chief is injured.
    Couldn’t that traffic chief have advised that driver to drive within the speed limit or at a rate which the traffic at that allowed? Or was he too in a hurry to get to his destination other than the hospital?
    That traffic chief failed in his duty; negligence. he should be charged for complicity in careless driving-if there is such a charge.

  3. We have to put some Speed bumps in this particular area. So drivers will be forced to slow down. I wish Moore a Speedy Recovery.

  4. Traffic Superintendent hospitalized after early morning accident.
    Something not right. Why all these top coppers all of a sudden running off the roads and into things causing death and injuries?
    Sounds like these top coppers vehicles are remote control by unknown sources.


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