Traffic Chief transferred after objecting to derogatory remark by Senior Police Official

Ian Amsterdam
Ian Amsterdam
Ian Amsterdam

[] – The hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force has decided to transfer Traffic Chief, Ian Amsterdam in what senior and junior members of the Force say is linked to a personal grievance a senior police official has with him.

Amsterdam, who returned from his annual leave on Wednesday, September 16, was sent to be the second in command of the police ‘A’ Division, a position he once held before being sent to the Police ‘D’ Division and then subsequently being appointed the Traffic Chief.

Reports reaching iNews revealed that at a weekly performance meeting just before Amsterdam proceeded on leave, he had cause to object to the senior police official addressing him in a derogatory manner in the presence of several Assistant Commissioners of Police, Senior Superintendents of Police and Superintendents of Police.

The Guyana Police Force has a policy where transfers are part of the “kit” – meaning that once you are in the Force, you can be transferred at any time and at the discretion of the Commissioner of Police; however some officers are now beginning to see the policy as one that is used to settle personal grievances.

Ravindradat Budhram
Ravindradat Budhram

Several senior officers are of the view that Amsterdam has proven to be one of the most competent officers within the Police Force and are upset that he was transferred.

Dion Moore remains in the capacity as Acting Traffic Chief. Meanwhile, other senior officers are also peeved that a decision was taken to appoint controversial officer, Ravindradat Budhram as the Commander of the ‘F’ Division.

Budhram was transferred out of the police ‘B’ Division with immediate effect while Leroy Brumell was Commissioner of Police, following reports that he gave instructions for a vehicle that was being driven by a known player in the drug underworld and suspected at the time to be carrying illegal substance and or weapons, to pass a road block unhindered and without being searched.

He was sent to serve the Finance Office, understudying Senior Superintendent, Nigel Hoppie.



  1. Well not much has changed. Indian Officials have teflon protection. The Public Security Minister claim he will be tough on people who violate their office, but apparently his compass will not point in all directions.

  2. Because some police ranks – even senior ranks – have strong connections with the drug lords, there has been no arerest of any drug lord here in Guyana so far. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

  3. The soup you drinking is past rancid state. You are worst than your handlers. Burnham has gone to the great beyond 30 years now but you still love his name because you cannot write anything without mentioning it.

  4. why is budhram still on the force if it could be corroborated that he allowed a vehicle laden with drugs and driven by a drug dealer to bypass a security roadblock?

    he should have been fired from the force then and this new administration is making a lot of jokes knowing the facts of the case and still keeping him on the force.

    you jokers could cry all you want about ethnic cleansing but one fact remains clear as the picture of budhram looking back at you right here on these pages and that is; some of the most corrupt and lawless people that was in government over the last two decades cannot hide their ethnicity.

  5. Once hired could be fired but in this case transferred.
    PNC top brass will now try fill some no so round holes with a certain sector of society to make it “appear” there is no ethnic cleansing taking place in the newly installed PNC defacto government. . Come again paglee even though you a burnhamite lol


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