Top Riders gearing for GMR&SC race meet


Riders Dive Into the First Corner[] – The top local Superbike riders are looking to get their eyes in early ahead of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club first National Race of Champions.

According to reports, several riders have frequented the circuit in the past week to tighten their screws for the event. The last time the superbike category took to the blacktop, upset was on the cards for some, while victory hung like a medallion around others.

The battle this time around will feature two of the fastest men on two Wheels, Steven Veiria and Nikhil Sereeram. The last time the duo met, Sereeram came out on top, showing skill and class to take the superbike category and the crown.

Veira on the other hand vowed to come back stronger and the upcoming meet could be the start of the Vieras return. Those two, coupled with the unpredictable factors of Joel ‘GM’ Neblett as well as Ricardo ‘paper’ Fagundez and the races are sure to be exciting.

The first race of Champions is set for March 23.





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