Top Cop’s appointment: Luncheon says Granger is at odds with reality


By Radha Motielall

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon

[] – As the debate continues as to whether Opposition Leader, David Granger was consulted before Seelall Persaud was confirmed as Police Commissioner, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon says that while he was not privy to what exactly Granger would have said, he [Granger] is at odds with reality.

Granger continues to maintain that he was not meaningfully consulted in accordance with the constitution as it relates to Persaud’s appointment.

At his post cabinet media briefing held at the Office of the President on Wednesday, March 18, Dr. Luncheon opined that maybe Granger’s complaint was made based on his judgment of what “meaningful consultation” is.

According to Dr. Luncheon, the Government gave a strong chase to the elusive Granger on this matter as he noted that he is very much aware “that president Ramotar been chasing behind David Granger morning, noon and night…and that he ain’t no easy cat to get in touch with, I can tell you that”.

Opposition Leader, David Granger

He further explained that had it not been for intermediaries, Granger would not have been found at all.

He said the Office of the President had worked out a modus and that the individual with whom they have frequently resorted could attest to the fact that they have had to resort to his good offices to gain access to the Opposition Leader, not only for the purpose of meaningful consultation on the Top Cop’s confirmation, but also on other issues.

Dr. Luncheon said he has correspondence from Mr. Granger in response to correspondence from the Office of the President addressing specifically, the issue of the appointment and confirmation in office of Persaud.

He recalled too, that when Persaud was appointed Acting Police Commissioner, David Granger did, as he did with Leroy Brummel, sought to persuade the President to make a substantive appointment to the office.

According to Dr Luncheon, it is now ironic that when the President was ready to make the substantive appointment, he could not find Granger.

Dr. Luncheon concluded that if after going through all that and Granger can still say he wasn’t consulted “then what he really is saying is that he ain’t like the result of the consultation …this is what I think he’s saying…”