Tiger Bay residents in ‘standoff’ with police as man evicted from home

Court Marshals, Police and residents in the Tiger Bay area. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Court Marshals, Police and residents in the Tiger Bay area. [iNews' Photo]
Court Marshals, Police and residents in the Tiger Bay area. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Residents of Tiger, Georgetown are currently in a standoff with some Police Officers and Court Marshals, who are removing items from a man’s home in the community, after a popular city businessman is claiming ownership of the land.

iNews understands that the businessman is demanding that the resident vacant the premises immediately.

According to one resident, who requested to remain anonymous, the man’s personal and other items are being thrown out in his absence. The resident identified the man as Dennis Caldera, a Taxi Driver.

He said Caldera called and begged that they wait until he arrives from Timehri before throwing his things in the street; however, the alleged owner of the land is adamant and has refused to wait.

iNews understands that Caldera asked his brother to head over to the area, where he discovered that some of his money and personal items are missing.

Residents are also alleging that the Court Marshals and the police have not shown the documents with the court order to evict the man.Tiger Bay 1

iNews understands that Caldera begged for some more time to stay on the land, since he is constructing his home in Diamond, East Bank Demerara and suffered a major setback after the mother of his son recently died.

The father of one lives in the home with his daughter who is a secondary school student. iNews understands that the woman died after giving birth to their son. Caldera was forced to send the baby to live with the dead woman’s family, given his financial constraints.

The popular city businessman claims that he is the owner of a plot of land which the residents have been residing on for almost 30 years. More than 30 persons, including children, from the area will be displaced as a result.

Currently a few of the residents are in a court battle with the businessman over another piece of land in the area.

Residents are claiming that it is unfair for them to move and are refusing to do so.


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