“Three years and going strong” – APNU celebrates Anniversary



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

APNU[www.inewsguyana.com] – A partnership for National Unity (APNU) is today celebrating its third milestone since its establishment of a Party of national unity.

At a press conference, Leader of the APNU, David Granger noted that much has been achieved since APNU’s formation three years ago to the benefit of the Guyanese people even though there has been much back and forth between Government and the Opposition in the 10th Parliament.

Further, Granger believes its support base continues to grow while support for the “PPP/C dwindles” and cited the recent National elections where the Opposition gained the majority in the House.

He also stated that despite its parliamentary majority, no effort was spared to engage the PPP/C Administration, to improve governance; however, this continues to be refused by the administration, he said.

“The Partnership’s objective, from the outset, has always been to enhance governmental accountability and to accelerate national development.”

Granger committed that APNU will continue to work towards creating a stable society.

“The Party’s vision is clear, our mission is certain, APNU’s task will be to fulfill its obligation to the nation both through the legislative process in the National Assembly and in the country at large.”

Meanwhile, Vice chairman of APNU, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine explained that the Guyanese people have been given more access to the Parliament and its affairs since the formation of APNU and the level of transparency has increased considerable in the country.

APNU is a political alliance that was formed during the 2011 general election.

They won 26 seats in the National Assembly and the Parties in APNU include: Guyana Action Party (GAP), National Front Alliance (NFA), People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), and Working People’s Alliance (WPA).





  1. its very sad to know u have man who continue to fool himself and not the majority people: “Granger said he believes its support base continues to grow while support for the “PPP/C dwindles” and cited the recent National elections where the Opposition gained the majority in the House.

    Really? if his party is so confident that it grew and ppp dwindled then why not say two words? NO CONFIDENCE !!

    And someone in the press must remind Granger that the opposition did not gained the majority in the house..you folks there must demand that he Granger fix up he mouth and say “combined opposition” and asked him to name three great things for Guyanese benefit..

    On security matter Granger knows its his bread and butter deal:
    If Guyanese felt a sense of security PNC dead and Granger and his cohorts knew it..

    Granger knows he cant call off the dogs of war because if they do then PPP supporters will not be in a mad rush to leave Guyana like they do at present.

    Picture a Guyana with PNC as ruler again lets say in just three years..
    You think Georgetown is nasty filthy stink and rotten?
    Picture entire country of Guyana in a matter of three years or less Guyana willnot run neck and neck with Haiti to be poorest..
    In a matter of three years or a lot less Guyana will be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere..
    Indians will leave Guyana in droves while business pulls out.
    Did anyone say Black Farmers will till the land for food supply or they will still be paper pushers offices even though many does not know to count and spell but PPP hires them anyhow to fill vacancy because they refused to work the land like Indians do.


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