Three times the charm! More Money, More Teams & Bigger Benefits for 3rd Georgetown Football Association’s Banks Beer Knockout Cup


GFA-Banks-Final-Camptown-1[] – This year’s Georgetown Football Association’s (GFA) Banks Beer Knockout Cup has a number of new benefits for players, clubs and federations partaking in the 3rd edition.

The Tournament which was launched yesterday in the Princess Hotel will see special prizes being awarded to a number of key players.

The third edition of the beverage giant’s sponsored tournament will feature an award for the best coach with a prize of $100,000 Guyana dollars up for grabs among the top play callers in the business.

Apart from this is the fact that the various associations will retain 20 percent or a maximum of $250,000 as gate receipts after expenses from all games played there.

While the top four prizes ($4,000,000 for the Champion Team, $2.5 million for the second placed team and $1.5 million and 1$ million respectively for the third and fourth placed team) have not changed, organizers have ensured that teams do not leave empty handed.

The loosing quarter finalists will pocket off $250,000 while $150,000 will be given each for those knocked out at the second round and $100,000 each for teams which exit at the first round.

Meanwhile, this year’s tournament has attracted 15 Georgetown teams and 17 from the other sub-associations of the GFF.

These include Alpha United, GDF, Camptown, Beacon, Police, Fruta Conquerors, Black Pearl, Flamingo, Pele, GFC, Northern Rangers, BK International Western Tigers, Houston Stars, Riddim Squad, Santos and University of Guyana of Georgetown while Den Amstel, Seawall and Slingerz will represent West Demerara.

Monnederlust and Cougars will represent the ancient county’s participants while BV/Triumph, MahaicaDeterminators and Buxton United will hail from the East Coast Demerara;Grove Hi-will be the lone east bank team with Winners Connection, Silver Shattas, Netrockers, Topp XX, Milerock, Botofago and Kwakwani Strikers rounding out the competition from the Upper Demerara region.

The tournament starts on November 23 and ends on New Year’s Day 2014 with the grand final.



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