Three females robbed by man pretending to be customer


Three women were earlier today (Tuesday) robbed of over half a million dollars in cash and other valuables while in the vicinity of Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook, Georgetown.

The victims have been identified as Teisenpara Eversley, 22, Sharron Gonsalves-Eversley, 45, both of Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, and Unita Williams, 38 of Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook, Georgetown.

According to information received, Gonsalves-Eversley operates a snackette at Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook, Georgetown.

At around 10:25hrs, the woman recalled that a young man approached her snackette to purchase an egg ball. She noted that as she was about to sell him, the suspect whipped out a handgun from his pants waist and pointed it at her.

The perpetrator proceeded to hold the woman at gunpoint as he directed her to walk into the house, through the eastern door, and closed it behind him.

Inside, the other victims were found seated.

The gunman then proceeded to rob Eversley of one gold chain and a gold ring valued at $375,000, Williams of $7,000 in cash and a BLU mobile phone and Gonsalves-Eversley of one Samsung mobile phone, $6,000 in cash and one gold chain and band valued at $40,000.

Police are presently reviewing CCTV footage of the area.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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