Threatening situation developing in Region Two – Minister Persaud

Farmers and workmen in the high water trying to seal the breach [Guyana Times Photo]

Farmers and workmen in the high water trying to seal the breach [Guyana Times Photo]
Farmers and workmen in the high water trying to seal the breach [Guyana Times Photo]
[] – A warning was on Monday morning (December 30) issued by Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ganga Persaud that a threatening situation may be developing in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

This is as a result of a further breach of the conservancy dam in that region. Over the past few days authorities have been at work sealing breached portions of the dam. The last portion was sealed sometime around 18:00hrs on Sunday, December 29.

But according to Minister Persaud at about 03:00hrs on Monday a portion of the dam broke again, causing the Airy Hall area to be under considerable threat.

He has assured that works are afoot to ensure that the effects of this breach are mitigated. “We are trying to discharge as much water as we can into the Atlantic Ocean and avert any severe flooding in that area.”

The Local Government Minister added that currently the Pomeroon and Charity areas have accumulated high levels of water on land. “The NDIA, Ministry of Agriculture and Local Government and the Regional Administration have all responded and are working together to bring relief as soon as possible” Persaud told reporters.

He added that currently four mini-excavators along with one pump have been delivered to assist in mitigation efforts while with a team of professionals from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has been deployed to provide technical support in sealing the dam.

He said a similar situation, though less severe is also developing in Black Bush Polder and expressed his support and concern to all persons affected by the present situation and weather condition.

The Minister explained that the heavy downpour of rainfall over the last nine days has caused water to accumulate on land in varying coast-land communities.

He praised the respective authorities for alleviating the effects of such an occurrence successful while adding that Government’s preparedness in this regard was largely responsible for the diversion of possible flooding.



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