“There are problems in the rice industry, which are not to be blamed on Government” – Granger

President David Granger [MTOP Photo]

President David Granger [MTOP Photo]
President David Granger [MTOP Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – President David Granger informed that his Administration is working assiduously to find markets for Guyana’s rice. He made this disclosure during his first press conference, yesterday at the Ministry of the Presidency.

The President said that during his recent participation at the 70th United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York, he was engaged in several bilateral meetings including with the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, during which he sought markets for local agricultural produce especially rice.

“I have said that the main focus of Guyana’s Foreign Affairs is economic diplomacy… we are searching for markets to help the private millers and farmers. We want the rice industry to survive and prosper,” President Granger said.

Responding to a question in relation to recent protest action by farmers, the President said that there are political elements instigating protests to create the illusion that the Government is at fault. He reminded that the transaction between farmers and millers is a private one.

“There are problems within the rice industry, which are not to be blamed on the Government. It’s a private enterprise largely… take a look at the internal dynamics of the industry and you will discover that it is a miller-farmer problem not a government-rice problem,” President Granger said.

In July, the Government hosted the first ever National Rice Conference under the theme, “Sustainable development amidst challenges”. The forum was aimed at addressing issues such as: delayed payments to farmers for paddy, inadequate storage for paddy, the challenge of producing value-added products and the cost of production. [MTOP]



  1. Despite the facts of all the corruption snd thieving by ppp hacks these racist bastards still find a way to blame the APNU/AFC administration. Sad truely sad.

  2. Region 2 farmers u are not going to get support from this president he just don’t care about rice. Farmers you have to hold poster and ask Venezuela to take region 2 over if Venezuela don’t take that region over all of you will be starving soon because rice industry is over this president killed it.

  3. Lawrence you have quoted the incorrect political party that should be sent to jail. It is the APNU+AFC=PNC that should be sent to jail for lying to these rice farmers. They are the defacto Governmeng of the day.

  4. It’s worrying that business has slowed down, not picking up…Reality is that most large scale businesses are done by Indo Guyanese .Are they nervous ?

  5. Rice Producers Association (RPA) General Secretary Dharamkumar Seeraj signed for a $100M loan from the Guyana Rice Development Board, but has not repaid the monies. This why there is no money to pay rice farmers because the PPP stole it from GRDB . Send this thief to jail and all the other thievesla in the PPP like the other one from GPL

  6. business type ppp like seeraj who cannot account for 100 million he borrowed on a promissory not and not one trace of that money could be found anywhere. what did the business type ppp do with the petrocaribe fund and one business type payed himself 27 million out of the same fund and has disappeared out of the country. you ppp fools only peddling lies and trash propaganda as your feel-good medicine to keep a’yuh from facing the harsh reality.

  7. you feel sorry for the rice farmers because they voted for the coalition government when it is the ppp that fooled and used the very rice farmers you are talking about? you need to set your priorities straight and you can start with whose responsibility it is to pay the rice farmers. granger has nothing to do with short changing rice farmers. you go ask the millers if they were not paid in the same manner as they failed to pay the rice farmers and tell people here what the answer is, they waitin’! get your facts strait before you run off at the mouth with the ppp lies and propaganda because it is the very lies and propaganda that caused them to be kicked out last elections.

  8. The rice industry was dead under the first PNC dictatorship. Then the business type PPP resurrect it and now it is dying slowly by this installed coalition.
    The world is now watching how the PNC is quickly devouring the wealth that was built up by the PPP.

  9. “There are problems in the rice industry, which are not to be blamed on Government” – Granger

    This installed president showing himself to be dumb as nails each and every day.
    Can you name the rice millers that promised them and told them they will be paid $9000 per bag of paddy?

    It’s so clear now to see that the US installed the said old racist PNC to rule over majority Guyanese again.

    Rice and Sugar associated with East Indians. No more must be said.

    Small miners will get all the help needed from PNC.

    Miners associated with Afros.

    When in opposition PNC always calling for more money for Government employees. Most Government employees are Afro Guyanese.

    When in opposition PNC always crying for higher wages for the army GDF and police GPF. Most of whom are Afro Guyanese.

    One has to be blind and dumb not to see what the US did to the majority Guyanese by installing this PNC racist regime. You think they would change but no way can a leopard change its spots.

  10. This man Granger has no clue how to run a country. During the election campaign he and his cohorts fooled rice farmers to vote for them (alluding to higher returns for their crops) what happened now.

    In a way I have very little sympathy for these rice farmers because they neglected the PPP/C at the polls thinking this APNU+AFC=PNC would look after them. These same farmers were warned by the PPP/C that this was false promises peddled by Granger/Naga. Now they are abondoned. Good luck farmers but there is more bad news to follow.

  11. Mr president are you in educated every problem in your country lay on the shoulder of yours. Do you know the responsibility of a president. Or you just a races president because region 6 and 2 are Indians.


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