Theocracy Party throws support behind APNU/AFC coalition


By Jomo Paul

[] – Healing the Nation Theocracy Party (HNTP) has signaled its intention to join forces with the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) coalition to contest the upcoming General and Regional Elections scheduled for May 11.

The Party, when it was founded, had said it hopes to sincerely break away from an ethnic divide and provide a balance between Guyana’s two main political parties – a united (APNU/AFC) and the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C).

However the leadership of the Party has since reconsidered that stance and says it will be rendering its full support behind the APNU/AFC coalition.

When contacted by iNews on Thursday March 19, the Chairman of the Party, Albert Park explained that as the date for elections grows closer, the Party has recognised the need to collate.

“It is very important that we collate, because we don’t want to split the votes or anything like that, the coalition is for a cause we want to support that cause,” said Park.

He said that despite the Party coalescing with the APNU/AFC alliance, the Party would still be able to attract votes.

“We would be able to stand and represent our needs our concerns on behalf of the people,” he told iNews.

When asked about disgruntled supporters, he said that the supporters would understand the importance of the two coalescing. He also indicated that while the HNTP was not promised any parliamentary seats for coalescing with the APNU/AFC.

“We did not get any promise; we will be meeting with Brother Harmon on Tuesday,” he said. One of the Party’s main selling points is the legalization of marijuana, which the political opposition has already said it is open to discussing.

According to a statement from the new Party, the current crop of politicians have great difficulty in providing practical solutions to the vast number of difficulties that are facing Guyanese.

In its Vision 2020 agenda for change, the theocratic Party says “we recognize that we have to put the power back into the hands of the people and not leave the development of this country in the hands of a few “money-grabbing so and so” and their cronies. It’s time for us to shake off this mental inertia that has for so long kept us in the dark.”

HTNTP had said that it aims to create wealth by transforming the nature of the Economy to achieve growth, accelerated poverty reduction and the protection of the vulnerable and excluded by providing proper jobs and employment opportunities through the resurrected “co-operative movement.”