The world dazzles through the lens of Kevin Laxus

Kevin Laxus

A camera has the uncanny ability to freeze time so that we can revisit that period at some point in time. Photographers are important people in the sense that they play a part in capturing history.

At just 23, that is exactly what Kevin Laxus is on the path of but with a twist.

The young man has been taking photos and making videos for the past three years and is actively working on improving his skills. Mostly self-taught, Kevin uses his camera to lock special memories for his clients and for him, which brings the greatest joy.

Kevin grew up as the typical country boy in Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo. His parents and grandparents are farmers and it meant that he spent most of his free time helping them out. It was there that he became more appreciative of nature and wanted to preserve what he saw.

“I spend most of my childhood days in county side enjoying nature and beauty of that country life. My best memory was when I would travel in the morning to go to the farm. I would enjoy the beautiful view of the water lilies over the water from the boat that we travel to farm with,” he said.

He got into photography at the age of 20, and like most of the younger photographers, with a camera phone. However, while photography is the foundation of his career, he is also heavily invested in mastering the art of cinematography.

“What inspired me was the way I see the world and I want to show the whole world what I see and I can only accomplish that through the eyes of a camera. My passion for videoing and photography started there. I have no formal training. It is only YouTube tutorials and other videos,” he related.

For him, the journey has been one of trials and errors. He is constantly learning as he progresses and has built a loyal clientele over the years. The young man now shoots for clients both locally and overseas.

“I have been enjoying the growth of my work and business so far. For me, one of my major challenge is having the right equipment for the job but whatever I have I make it work so that my clients are given the best results. Over the years, I have had a lot of memories but some of the standout ones include taking photos in Brazil at a high-water fountain and locally Bartica is one of my favourite places to shoot.”

Kevin is continuing on the path he is on and is hopeful of owning his own studio one day. For now, he is just enjoying taking photos and shooting videos for his clients.