The little trust amongst political parties have dissipated – PPP


[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee has noted that the little trust which emerged among the political parties in Guyana has begun to dissipate.

Rohee told reporters at the PPP’s weekly press conference on Monday that the ruling party has thrived to build trust since the days of Former President, Desmond Hoyte and former PNC/R Leader, Robert Corbin.

However, this has now changed, Rohee said.

“I think a tremendous sense of trust was emerging during that period, succeeded by Mr. Corbin. A tremendous amount of trust emerged during those days as well and then for some reason or the other, we saw the little trust that was developing in those days beginning to dissipate.”

The General Secretary further noted that building trust is a work in progress and that the PPP will continue to do so.

“It’s not something that happens overnight, especially among politicians in a society like this which has such a difficult history but we have to keep working on it. We cannot give up on our efforts to build trust and eventually to move on,” Rohee said.


PPP Optimistic about 2014

Meanwhile, the ruling Party is rather optimistic about Guyana’s future in 2014.  The General Secretary recalled the principles and vision of past leaders of the PPP.

Rohee reiterated that political trust is vital in achieving the objectives for a better Guyana.

“Confrontation and threats must give way to dialogue and the good of the country should remain paramount in all our political engagements and discourse,” Rohee said.

He said that the PPP/C administration has always recognized the importance of multi-party democracy and have always sought to ensure that opposition parties are not treated with disdain.

“There has never been harassment of opposition politicians as happened in the past. The attainment of political power by democratic means will be recognized as a legitimate objective which is the right of every political party.”





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