“That’s their business” – Professor Opadeyi unfettered by accusations from UG unions


By Jomo Paul

Vice Chancellor of the University (UG), Professor Jacob Opadeyi

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Vice Chancellor of the University (UG), Professor Jacob Opadeyi is not getting his feathers ruffled over recent statements made by the UG Unions accusing him of micromanaging the institution and not submitting their excise tax and insurance contributions.

The University of Guyana Workers Union (UGWU) and the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) in a press statement noted that Opadeyi was responsible for several malfeasances at the University.

The statement read, “he is micromanaging all departments and systems including the Bursary and the Personnel Division, notwithstanding the appointment of competent individuals. When will he learn that decentralisation and the empowerment of faculty and staff are far more effective, dollar for dollar, than his transaction-leadership-scientific management approach?”

But in a subsequent interview with iNews, Professor Opadeyi, who did not deny the accusations, made it clear that he is not bothered by the statements made.

In a recorded telephone interview, a very collected Opadeyi imply told iNews, “that’s their business; they can accuse me of anything.”

Meanwhile, Labour Minister Dr Nanda Kishore Gopaul told iNews that the Ministry held a successful meeting with the UG unions to explore different methods of bringing the industrial dispute to a halt.

“We are supposed to communicate to each other sometime this evening….we are exploring possibilities. Now it’s time to talk about ending the strike,” said Dr Gopaul.

He explained that subsequent to receiving this information, the Ministry will contact the administration of the university with the view of there being a resumption of normalcy at the University.

Reports have indicated that the Unions are to submit their terms of resumption to the Minister by the end of Thursday, February 19.