Teenager at center of controversy with PS denies report; says mother is upset she’s supporting PPP

Collin Croal
Permanent Secretary of the Local Government Ministry, Collin Croal
Permanent Secretary of the Local Government Ministry, Collin Croal

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 17 – year – old girl at the center of a controversy surrounding Permanent Secretary of the Local Government Ministry, Collin Croal, has denied reports carried in a local newspaper today, Wednesday, April 15.

Minerva Fitzpatrick told iNews during a telephone interview that her mother, who is an avid supporter of the APNU/AFC coalition, is upset because she (Minerva) is a member of Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) in Mabaruma Compound.

The teenager explained to iNews that on Sunday, April 12, she joined other PYO members, including her sister, Rita Willis and travelled to Kamwatta for a fun day.

There, she met her mother and other APNU/AFC supporters. According to the teenager, her mother confronted her in the presence of everyone and threatened to beat her if she did not remove her PYO jersey.

Her sister corroborated the story as she noted that the mother said, “they don’t know who they playing with…I want them to know you’re a minor; what I say goes, today is the last day you’ll be wearing that jersey.”

It was noted that the mother reportedly dragged the teenager out of the compound and placed her in the APNU/AFC bus and took her home.

Willis, who is the head of the PYO Mabaruma Compound, explained to iNews that PYO members are not allowed to consume alcohol at any event once they are representing the Party, disputing the report carried in the local newspaper.

“The mother is just upset because Minerva is supporting the PPP. She even threatened to throw hot oil on Minverva’s face yesterday,” 19 – year – old Willis said.

Meanwhile, their father, Osmond Willis told iNews that he never filed a missing person’s report for his daughter.

“That is craziness; this is all a political ploy,” the man said.



  1. pnc 007 james bond told the massive gatherings at his pnc rally that parents must kick out their children if they dont vote..not kick them out the door..not kick them to the gate..kick them out your life period in essence is what he told the crowd who lap it up lick it up eat it up..hey pnc people dont see the danger in that..

  2. like many PNC mothers, she needs help.
    she got some nerve.
    LEAVE MINERVA alone.
    u future spoli like spoil milk with PNC.
    Violence is deep rooted in these people.
    She should be charged with assault and battery.

  3. c i L if that was de case then there would be lots of them on ppp side since theres lots of runways and single mothers and fathers no where to be found

  4. you so full of hot air, what happen with Bond statement to throw out kids that don’t go vote. tell you what the APNU/AFC is in such disarray that they don’t have a cohesive message to the masses


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