Teenage singing sensation Nicholas Goddett is also a songwriter, keyboard master

Nicholas Goddett

When he was nine years old, Nicholas Goddett got up to sing in front of a crowd of people for the first time. Overcoming a mixture of nervous moments and grief, the young man ensured his voice could be heard by all in the crowd.

It is an occasion he has never forgotten. His father had passed away, and it was at his father’s funeral that the public witnessed his singing ability. Today, at 16 years old, he has managed to nurture his singing talent, and while he is in his teenage years, Goddett plans to ensure his God-given ability to woo audiences with his crisp voice fully materialises.

His songs are in the reggae genre, and are primarily worship songs. At the moment, he has been hitting the studio to record his songs.

His captivating voice is the talk of the Essequibo Coast, especially the village of Lima, where he lives.

“I am a worshipper, and I come from a family of singers and musicians,” Goddett told this publication recently.

The young man has said he comes from a Christian family, and he notes that he has five brothers and three sisters.

Nicholas Goddett says he plans to explore his singing talent

He said that, while growing up, he discovered that he has a deep desire to sing, and he noted that prior to singing in church, he would sing to himself a lot. He said he was very shy at the time.

“I was always singing to myself, (but) ashamed to sing in front of people,” he added.

As time passed, the young man gradually begun to sing in the church he attends, and he noted that with encouragement of friends, he started singing frequently. He would sing at concerts, cultural shows at the church, and at other events along the coast.

What may have enabled him to explore his talent was the formation of a band by his friends. Earlier this year, a video clip surfaced on Facebook of Goddett in studio, and many have commented positive reviews of the young singer. He said the feedback has been astonishing.

Goddett said he started recording in studio last January, when he and his friend Boaz Roberts recorded a song together. Roberts also sings, and, Goddett noted, his friends have been very supportive of him developing a career in singing. He said his new album is being compiled at the moment, and he noted that he has two singles which he plans to release as a precursor to the album.

According to the young singer, one of his favourite songs he has recorded is titled “Never let me down.”

He explained why it is his favourite. “Though things may seem hard sometimes, as long as you call on the Name of Jesus, He always answers your prayers and He sees you out of every hard time or whatever it might be. God will never let you down.”

In addition to singing, he is also a songwriter, and can also master the keyboard.

Goddett has said he wishes to further explore his talent this year, and he noted that while he continues to develop his ability to sing, he never forgets that it is the Almighty who has blessed him with a powerful and unique voice.