Teen mother in custody after leaving baby boy in drain to die


A teenager has been arrested by police after she reportedly abandoned her 21-month-old son in a drain at Parika Backdam, Region Three.

The incident occurred at about 19:00h on Friday.

The police said that the now-deceased child was left in a drain by his teenage mother, who claimed that he was hungry so she went in search of something for him to eat.

Sometime later that afternoon when she was questioned about the whereabouts of her child, she attempted to run and jumped into a canal. The police were promptly summoned.

After being taken out of the canal she took the police to the location where she left the child.

He was immediately rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The body was checked for any marks of violence but none was seen. It was later escorted to Ezekiel Funeral home awaiting Post Mortem Examination.

The Suspect was then escorted to Parika Police Station, where she was told of the allegations, cautioned and she gave a statement under caution. She was later placed into custody pending further investigations.