Teen escapes from Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre


The Police are now seeking the assistance of the public to locate a missing teen who reportedly escaped from the Juvenile Holding Centre, Sophia on August 9, 2018.

Sixteen-year-old, Leon Patterson was discovered to be missing by officials there when his mother visited the facility on the said day but he could not be found.

A search of the entire centre was carried out but locating him proved futile. As such, the Centre’s security cameras were examined and Patterson was seen walking unaccompanied to the admin building.

It was later shown that Patterson exited the said building through a back door thus escaping.

The Police have since been informed and the facility was visited by the “A” Division Commander.

A team was later sent to Sophia where a search was conducted but came up empty handed.

According to a Ministry of Public Security statement, persons with knowledge of Patterson’s whereabouts are asked to contact the nearest Police Station as the they continue their search.



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