Technocratic Ministers’ appointment clashes with constitution – PPP

Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock takes his oath of office
Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock
Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock

[] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has found issue with the three Technocratic Ministers under the APNU+AFC government, pointing out that they do not fit the criteria, given the fact that they are on the list of Candidates for the APNU+AFC.

Even though the PPP/C has decided to boycott the opening of the 11th session of Parliament, the Party in a press statement noted that Keith Scott, Sydney Allicock and Winston Felix should not be sworn in as Parliamentarians.

The PPP explained that they are all on the lists of candidates for Members of Parliament submitted to Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) by the Representative of the APNU+AFC Coalition list.

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott
Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott

The PPP contends that articles 103 (3) and 105 of the Constitution and laws pronouncing on the eligibility of appointment of Technocratic Ministers do not confer Technocratic status on these three Ministers already sworn in by President David Granger as Ministers.

According to the PPP, Minister Allicock is listed on the APNU+AFC Geographic List of Candidates for Region 9 at number 1; however, the APNU+AFC Coalition did not win the geographic seat for that Region.

The Opposition Party also pointed out that Ministers Felix and Scott are listed on the APNU+AFC National Top Up list of Candidates at numbers 24 and 46 respectively.

Minister if Citizenship, Winston Felix
Minister if Citizenship, Winston Felix

“These views of the PPP have been shared with the Parliament Office. The PPP is urging that the Constitution and relevant laws be respected and calls on the Clerk of the National Assembly not to administer the Oath as Member of Parliament to these three persons.”

It should be noted that Technocratic Ministers should be chosen from persons outside of the list of candidates of the Party in power.



  1. Stop sniping from the sidelines and go to parliament and state your objectives….in 23 years you have not learnt anything about parliamentary rules and regulations… just plain dumb

  2. Your party was full of uneducated and unqualified persons who didn’t fit any criteria to run a county and ran the county to the ground, you are in no position to comment….

  3. Who’s going to stop them from proceeding with their grand plans of national domination? Just like how they are engaged in massive witch hunting consolidating in all areas of the civil service, the legislature is their final nail in securing absolute power. No turning back

  4. PPPC please provide your list of candidates to the Elections Commission, The Clerk of the Parliament, proceed to parliament and begin constructive and truthful participation for all Guyana. Your anxiousness and obsessions with the new government arrangements which clearly does not breach any of what you are mouthing about is getting absolutely annoying.

  5. Too bad what you think PPP. Minister Allicock is a tremendously good choice for the position he is being sworn in for. Who cares about some obscure technicality as long as Guyana benefits. Now instead of gripping get in there and take your seats and get on with the business of a thoughful and brillaint opposition.


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