Team of US Congressmen to visit Guyana …a signal of Guyana’s importance on the int’l scene, says Harmon


 Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, has confirmed that in the coming weeks, Guyana will see the arrival of a team of senior Congressmen from the United States of America for what he has deemed to be a “familiarisation visit.”

The disclosure was made to media operatives during the Post Cabinet Briefing held on Thursday.

“Yes, Minister Trotman did indicate that to Cabinet, that there will be several, I think, seven or eight congressmen that will be coming here along with some senior Military Officers for a short visit. He has been so advised and he has advised Cabinet accordingly,” he said, while noting that Government is presently in the process of making arrangements for their arrivals.

Probed as to what this visit means for Guyana, the State Minister asserted that it is his belief that the arrival of eight Congressmen in the country at one time, signals Guyana’s importance on the international scene.

“I believe what it does, is it signals a growing confidence in the relationship between our two states and the fact that there is a growing number of US companies that are operating in Guyana, that the Law- makers will want to come to see what is taking place but I believe that it is quite normal,” he explained. (Ramona Luthi)






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