Teachers must live qualities of respect, self-awareness and self-confidence – Chief Education Officer

FLASHBACK: A Section of teachers during the consultation at Queen's College. [iNews' Photo]


FLASHBACK: A Section of teachers during the consultation at Queen's College. [iNews' Photo]
FLASHBACK: A Section of teachers during the consultation at Queen’s College. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chief Education Officer Olato Sam has called on Teachers across to country to ensure that their daily lifestyles emulate the qualities of respect, self-awareness and self-confidence, nationalism and an interminable commitment to personal development.

Speaking on the occasion  of World Teachers’ Day 2015, Sam said that while these are the qualities children are to internalize, it cannot be learned in abstract but must be lived by those teaching it.    

“Our teachers and teaching need to be valorized, enabling educators to be the models of excellence they should be for the nation’s youth.  I therefore encourage everyone to join the Ministry of Education in recognizing the critical role our teachers play in our society and supporting their efforts in molding our nation’s children,” he said.

Sam believes that the celebration of another World Teachers’ Day under the theme “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies”, presents an ideal opportunity to collectively address the standing of teachers in Guyana.  

“I have consistently posited that our teachers are to be recognized as the agents of nation building that they are.  They too, at all levels, must internalize the deep significance they hold in the national developmental agenda,” he added.

Sam says he strongly feel that it is only when teachers are recognized as the foot soldiers in national transformation that their professional standing and social positioning are going to be properly addressed.

“To this end, the Ministry of Education has recognized the key role it must play in creating the enabling environment for teachers to effectively fulfill their mandate.  Widespread consultation is now a mandatory element in the crafting of key education policies.  Teachers’ positions are critical components factored into the development of strategies approaches.  Departments of Education have, for some time, begun the transformation from ‘command centres’ to ‘development centres’; with the empowerment of teachers as a major strategic plan.  The expansion of the scope of education managers—heads—was  a noteworthy step in that direction. There is clearly more work to be done in this regard, however, there is widespread appreciation of its importance and value to the system and the commitment to seeing it realized.”





  1. They definitely need better salaries. This situation has gone on for far too long. Teachers particularly the dedicated ones need the respect and support of the administration. Their roles are critical to the development of the nation.

  2. I agree with the Chief Education Officer Olato Sam called for Teachers across the country to ensure that their daily lifestyle emulate the qualities of respect, but what about their salaries. The PPP has started to give duty free concession to head teachers, not to senior masters/mistress, H.O.D’s etc.
    Those that mold and prepare today’s youth for tomorrow future should have all the benefits like MP’s.
    Teachers should take home no less than $300,000.00 per month.
    Guyana is not poor anymore.

  3. I agree as these are the people who mould the nation. Teaching is a vocation one must love what they do. The beauty of teaching is seeing the growth and development of the children you have taught. Teachers must respect themselves before others respect them. I have seen some teachers begging parents for money for a lunch for favours and even more. It needs to stop. If you are not paid enough find a part time job. If a parent chooses not to give you a gift at Xmas for example then so be it. Nothing is wrong with that. Still your job to educate the child. Be professional at all times.
    God bless teachers especially the dedicated teachers.


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