Teachers can now submit documents electronically to Education Ministry’s HR Department


The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that all documents which would normally be ‘hand-delivered’ to the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Education at 21 Brickdam, Georgetown, pertaining to upgrade in status, transfer, secondment, etc. should be emailed to the following address: [email protected].

As soon as the email is sent, an automatic receipt will be sent to the sender’s email to
acknowledge receipt of the mail. To process emails faster, the subject of the email should include the region the teacher is from, the nature of the matter and the teacher’s name, for example, “Region 4 Transfer John Smith” or “Region 9 Upgrade in Status Harry John”.

The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that each document sent will be processed in three working days. If more time is required, then the Human Resources Department will communicate with the concerned party and advise of such.

This system seeks to reduce the need to travel to Georgetown to deliver a letter.

Additionally, using a digital system will ensure that correspondences are no longer misplaced. It is expected that a similar system will be implemented by all Departments of Education across the country in a short while. This new system is the vision of the Minister of Education in simplifying access to the services offered by the Ministry.