Taxi driver rescued from trunk after gunmen hijacked car


Police ranks managed to free a taxi driver from his car truck after his car was hijacked by three men.

According to Police at about 02:59h today a caller reported to  the Brickdam Operation room  that motorcar # PSS 2705, a white Allion with persons inside had robbed someone on Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

As a result of the report received,   Anti-Crime patrols in Region  4A were alerted.
One of the patrols observed the  said motorcar driving along the Agricola Access Road. As motorcar PSS 2705 reached the Two Brothers Gas Station, it proceeded south on the Public Road. The Anticrime Patrol subsequently attempted to intercept the vehicle but the driver drove away causing the Anti-Crime Patrol to continue to pursue the driver and occupants.
Motorcar PSS 2705 which was  driving at a fast rate of speed turned on Hunter Street and approached Mandela Avenue where the driver lost control and collided to the northern barriers, causing damages to the said vehicle and bringing same to a halt.
Ranks from the Anti-Crime Patrol then observed four male suspects exiting the said motorcar PSS 2705 and these suspects began to run away from the scene and the Anti-Crime Patrol ranks.
Immediately thereafter, loud explosions – suspected to be gunshots – were heard coming from the direction where the suspects were running, thereby causing a rank to discharge a round in the said direction where the suspected gunshots were coming from.
Other Anti-Crime patrols arrived shortly after to give support and a search was conducted in the area where the suspects were seen running and suspected gun shots were heard. Rawle Franklin, a known character to the police was seen lying on the northern parapet bleeding from injuries,  while his accomplice, Andrew Newyear was seen lying in a yard with injuries.
Further, the two other suspects were found by ranks of the Anti-Crime Patrol hiding in a yard. The police also recovered a 9MM pistol  along with a magazine containing 3 live 9MM rounds. 
Franklin and Andrew were escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where they are both receiving medical attention.
Additionally, ranks from the Anti-Crime Patrol whilst conducting  a search of the motorcar PSS 2705  discovered Joshua Singh who was  locked in the truck of the car by the suspects.
Joshua Singh was questioned and he related to the ranks that he was at Shamo Taxi Base on Vryheid’s Lust Railway Embankment, ECD, working his uncle’s motorcar PSS 2705, and while he was seated in the driver’s seat of the said car, he was approached by three of the suspects – one of whom pointed a gun at him and ordered him out of the car. He was afraid for his life and so he complied and the men ordered him into the trunk of the car and locked him in there. He further related that the car drove off heading west on the said Railway Embankment Road. The car later stopped and he heard talking,  then it continued to drive and later he heard the car hit into something and thereafter he heard loud explosions suspected to be gunshots.
Rank also recovered from motorcar PSS 2705, 8 (eight) cellular phones, 1 (one) Laptop computer and a female purse.
The scene and motorcar are presently being processed by Crime Scene Ranks and further investigations are being conducted.