Taxi driver fatally shot during argument near Bourda Market


A taxi driver was shot dead early this morning during an argument with two other men near Bourda Market in Georgetown.

Dead is 43-year-old Eon Holder of Lot 2498 North Ruimveldt, Georgetown. The incident occurred at around 05:30 hrs today on Alexander Street, Georgetown.

According to the police, the alleged murder was committed by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

It was reported that around 04:40h this morning, Holder was at a taxi service working his motor car, PRR 271, when he was hired by a 50-year-old businessman of Queenstown, Georgetown, to go to the Bourda Market to purchase vegetables. On arrival at Alexander Street, the businessman exited the car and was walking towards Bourda market, leaving the taxi driver looking for a parking space.

About five minutes later, the businessman heard a loud explosion and as he looked back, he saw the taxi driver lying on the ground about 15 feet away from his car, helpless, and two men – one armed with a handgun, were seen running away from the scene.

The EMT Service was summoned and the taxi driver was pronounced dead by a Doctor from the Georgetown Public Hospital. The body was examined and what appears to be a gunshot wound was seen on his right side face.

The body is at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting a PME.

Police say several persons were questioned and based on information received, it is alleged that the taxi driver had an argument with the suspects after he parked his car in the centre of the road, blocking vehicles from passing. During the argument, one of the suspects drew a handgun and discharged a round at the taxi driver.

Police are looking for the suspects as investigations continue.