Task Force to fix drainage system awarded $36M


 [www.inewsguyana.com] – The National Task Force established by Government to oversee the effective functioning of Guyana’s drainage and irrigation system and to make recommendations for its upgrade has been awarded $36M by the Cabinet.

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman told reporters that “the intention is to ensure that come 2016 for our fiftieth independence activities, incidents of flooding, damaged roads and culverts, and clogged drains will be eradicated, or at least brought to a minimum.”

The Task Force is slated to have representatives from various ministries and committees, including the commemoration committee that is handling the Guyana’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Its aim is to restore Guyana as a land of great attractiveness and prosperity and one which offers a goodlife for all its citizens and its visitors.

The Taskforce, headed by Major General Ret’d. Joe Singh, will include Charles Sohan, Malcomn Ally, Egbert Carter, Andrew Bishop, Stanley Ming, Joseph Holder, Charles Ceres and Dr. David Singh.

Members of the Guyana Association of Professional Engineers (GAPE), the Private Sector, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) as well as representatives of various ministries will also be included.


This Task Force will address principally the following areas:

   –         Drainage

   –         Solid waste Management & Derelict Vehicle Removal

   –         Traffic Management

   –         Sustainable Urban Physical Structure Renewal

   –         Welfare Management of the Homeless and Addicted

The Taskforce is expected to present its first report to the Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson in six months. It is supported by an Administrative Secretariat, which is currently gathering all the necessary information on the status of the drainage and irrigation system in the country.

At the end of its work, the Taskforce is expected to create and propose a long term plan that will be implemented with support and funding from the Government. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




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