Suspect in Stanleytown murder of security guard apprehended

Dead: Nkomo LaRose
Dead: Nkomo LaRose

The Police in ‘B’ Division have arrested a man who allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law to death on Tuesday.

The accused, Jermaine Bailey called “Tallboy”, was apprehended by ranks earlier on Wednesday while he was at a house located at 46 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

According to Police sources, Bailey also confessed to the crime.

The dead man has been identified as 29-year-old Nkomo LaRose, also known as “Komo”, of Lot 54 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

He was a security officer attached to the Sentinel Security Service and was found dead with two suspected stab wounds in a clump of bushes at Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

At the time of the discovery about 06:30h, LaRose’s body was lying face down in a trench.

The man’s reputed wife, Asha Bailey, told this publication that the family believed the murder was committed by her brother with whom LaRose had an argument on Monday evening.

The suspect, she added, lives with them.

She recalled that on Monday evening, her reputed husband and the suspect were imbibing on the street in front of their home when an argument broke out. The argument was over the suspect’s girlfriend.

She explained that her brother, Jermaine Bailey (the suspect) was in a relationship with another woman who has two children for him but he was also friending his current girlfriend.

“They were arguing over a girl Jermaine does going around. The girl reach “Komo” and tell “Komo” all kind of things about Jermaine, and he tell Jermaine to ease the girl completely and that is how they start arguing,” she explained.

The aggrieved woman stated after the argument prolonged, she picked up the bottle of alcohol and threw it away. This she added did not stop the two men from arguing. “Dem start to threaten to kill each other and it was then I called the Police,” she noted.

The Police took some time to respond to the report and as such, the woman decided to go to the Police station. The men, she noted, armed themselves with a cutlass and a knife.

“I leave to go to the station and same time I see the patrol passing and I stop them and send them in the street thinking that it would have finished but it de still going on…”

The mother of two related that the Police ranks spoke with the men and left. At the same time, she left the home and went to her grandmother’s home which is about half-mile away.

Meanwhile, Silvya Moolyneaux, the dead man’s grandmother-in-law, related that she was informed by a neighbour that a body was lying in the drain, a short distance from her home. While on her way to the scene, she was told that it was her son-in-law.

She explained that the suspect, who is also her grandson, visited her home at about 02:00h on Tuesday morning. Upon enquiring about the reason for his visit at that time in the morning, she was told that he came to kill his sister.

At the time he was carrying two knives. “I say ‘Out the yard! Outside, don’t murder nobody in here. The gate was locked and I am not sure if he jump the gate or the fence,” the elderly woman stated. Her granddaughter, she added, was asleep.

It is believed that the now dead man was on his way to meet his reputed wife when he was confronted by the suspect and stabbed.

The suspect is known to Police since he has served a lengthy jail sentence.

He was reportedly seen on Tuesday morning, a short distance from where LaRose’s body was found.



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