Suspect in murder of 16-year-old apprehended in Berbice


The 25-year-old man who had reportedly killed his 16-year-old reputed wife almost three weeks ago, was this morning (Wednesday) apprehended by police in Springlands, Berbice.

Dead: 16-year-old Roseanna Lakhpal

This is according to Police Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan who told INews that the man was discovered at around 11:30 in an abandoned house at the stated location.

On July 29 2017, Roseanna Lakhpal, a former Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) student was reportedly killed by her boyfriend- identified as 25-year-old Ryan Singh-originally of Eccles, East Bank Demerara- following an alleged dispute over Singh not making an effort to find a job.

According to the teen’s mother, her daughter and Singh met via Facebook and struck up a relationship in secret. Shortly after, the teen reportedly ran away from home and after four days, messaged her mother to say she was with Singh at his home in Eccles.

The distressed mother recalled that she begged her daughter to return home numerous times, but did not opt to be too strict, as she did not want to be cut out of the teen’s life.

Suspect: Ryan Singh

She [mother] explained that her husband had committed suicide and his family were also deemed suicidal. As such, she avoided being too harsh on Lakhpal for fear that she would end her life too.

Nevertheless, the mother told media operatives that approximately two months ago, Lakhpal contacted her and asked if she could return home. Upon agreeing, the woman said that the teen further asked that her boyfriend move in too, and that they be given the lower flat of the home to reside.

As such, the eager mother complied.

Not long after, Lakhpal’s neighbours began complaining to her [Lakhpal’s] mother that the teen was being abused by Singh.

However, the 16-year-old High school dropout would often deny these claims.

On the day that she met her demise, Lakhpal had just taken up the task to babysit her neighbours’ children when an argument ensued with the unemployed Singh. The children then ran back home to their mother, and complained of the fight.

Based on information received, the argument between the couple resulted in the 25-year-old allegedly burying his girlfriend’s face under a pillow and slitting her throat. He then reportedly flung the knife he used several feet away and fled the scene.

Singh has also been implicated in an incident where he almost killed his ex-girlfriend in the past, after stabbing her over 50 times about her body.

He was never arrested for that allegation. (Ramona Luthi)



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