Surinamese Gov’t says there is no agreement against granting Muri PGGS by Guyana


[]There is no agreement between Guyana and Suriname against the granting of an aerial Permission for a Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) in the New River area or Tigri as it is called in Suriname. This was revealed to the Surinamese media by the country’s Foreign Minister Winston Lackin.

Sections of the Guyanese media and the Opposition parties – APNU and AFC – in Guyana had suggested that the Muri PGGS to a local company violated an agreement. However, a report in the Surinamese daily DWT quoted the country’s Foreign Minister as confirming Guyana’s right to exploitation.

The Surinamese newspaper reported: “The government has instructed Ambassador Nisha Kurban-Baboe inGeorgetown to collect all necessary data for Paramaribo. Lackin also called his Guyanese counterpart Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett about the serious matter. ”

The newspaper further noted that, “Minister Lackin says Suriname and Guyana have no agreement that forbids them from exploiting the area. However, Suriname is aware that Guyanese citizens and military have been in the area for the past four decades. The border committees had agreed to be very careful in treating this issue, based on statements by both presidents who have expressed the wish to forge closer economic ties. The proposed bridge across the Corantijn River would be an incentive to solve the border dispute in the south peacefully. Lackin emphasizes that closer ties offer more room to solve issues like the Tigri affair in a sustainable manner.”

Local observers have expressed amazement “at the depths Guyanese opposition politicians have gone to surrender our territory even when the other side recognizes our right.”

“It seems as if some including the Kaieteur News and Stabroek News are willing to give away our territory to score cheap political points and to engage on witch- hunting,” added the observer.



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