Suriname Guyana Chamber of Commerce launched with focus on economic cooperation


The inauguration of the Suriname-Guyana Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) on February 24, 2024, at the Pegasus Corporate Center, stands as a landmark moment in strengthening the economic and diplomatic ties between Suriname and Guyana.

This event saw the convergence of over 150 attendees from the business sectors of both nations, alongside key diplomatic and government figures, including His Excellency President Chandrikapersad Santokhi of Suriname, Guyana’s Minister Ashni Singh, responsible for Finance and the Public Service, Suriname’s Foreign Affairs Minister Albert Ramdin and Suriname’s Minister of Finance and Planning Kermechend Raghoebarsingh.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SGCC, Rahul Lildhar along with Dr. Vishnu Doerga, Chairman of the SGCC, laid out the chamber’s mission to bolster business and economic relations, enhance trade and investment, and advocate for a seamless economic space between the two countries.

The Executive Members of the SGCC

Dr. Doerga emphasized professionalism, collaboration, and the pursuit of well-researched strategies to tackle challenges in workforce development, financial stability, and cross-border trade efficiency.

President Santokhi highlighted the potential for joint efforts between the nations, advocating for a structured approach to economic cooperation and the removal of trade barriers. He also highlighted strategic collaborations in areas such as oil and gas, emphasizing the significance of building a stable, democratic, and economically vibrant region.

Minister Ashni Singh spotlighted the Corentyne Bridge project as a critical infrastructure development to facilitate trade and pledged the government’s support for the SGCC’s initiatives.

Similarly, Mr. Robert Persaud, Foreign Secretary, expressed his enthusiasm for the chamber’s launch and pledged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ backing in fostering economic collaboration between Suriname and Guyana.

Suriname’s Ambassador, Liselle Blankendal, played a pivotal role in launching the SGCC, solidifying the Embassy’s full-fledged endorsement of this initiative. This unwavering support reinforces the chamber’s mission to create a unified economic space for shared prosperity.

The launch event of the Suriname-Guyana Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) was celebrated as a significant milestone, opening a new chapter in the relations between Suriname and Guyana. This was further exemplified by the collaborative success at the Guyana Energy Expo, where members from both countries forged stronger business ties.

Moving forward, the SGCC has announced plans to participate in the upcoming energy conference in Suriname from June 4th to 7th. The chamber invites Guyanese companies interested in showcasing their products and exploring business opportunities in Suriname to join them in this endeavor, emphasizing the chamber’s commitment to advancing trade, investment, and mutual prosperity between the two nations.