Support base, overseas funding for AFC, PNC ‘at an all-time low’ – Dr. Ramsaroop

Peter Ramsaroop.
Peter Ramsaroop.

[] – Recent polling has shown that the support base of both the Peoples National Congress (PNC) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) are at an all-time low.

This is according to Political Activist and Chairman of Vision Guyana Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.

Dr. Ramsaroop in a statement on Sunday (November 24) said this has come about since the two parties constituents have been impacted by many of their own policies and budget cuts.

“When any political entity goes down a path that affects their own voters, they are always put out in the pasture to graze some more.”

He said the 1980 PNC leaders which have emerged to lead the party have given the new generation a taste of why it failed.

Ramsaroop suggested however that the liberal Guyanese are much more attuned to what it takes to have a successful economy.    He further stated that in is in this regard that voters at the 2011 General Elections had given the AFC a chance to see where they would play in the country’s development. A chance Dr. Ramsaroop believes the AFC has squandered.

“Many had hoped that in areas of national interest, the AFC would have come together with the Government to “make it happen”.   They didn’t, instead they have become the same obstructionist they fought against in the past” he added.

He argued that it is on these grounds that voters who swayed in the last election have realized that their decisions were in vain and are now reconsidering.

He also noted that there is talk that overseas funding for the opposition parties is also at an all-time low, as many Guyanese in the Diaspora especially in the USA, UK, and Canada are disappointed with the current tactics employed by the opposition parties to ‘stifle economic transformation, jobs creation, improved quality of life, and wealth creation’.

He said no one in Guyana should be proud of what has happened in the 10th Parliament.



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