Superbet cashier lies about being robbed after gambling away money


A 22-year-old female cashier attached to a Superbet outlet at Patentia, West Bank Demerara (WBD) is now in police custody pending charges after she made a false police report of the establishment being robbed by a lone gunman.

Investigations revealed that the woman concocted the story after she gambled away some $300,000 in cash belonging to Superbet.

The woman initially alleged that the lone gunman, who invaded the establishment at around 19:30hrs on Monday, carted off with some $450,000 in cash as well as jewellery and a cellular phone.

The cashier claimed that she was in the building balancing up her cash records when the suspect walked in and requested $2000 in Superbet credit.

The woman said as she was about to transact the business, the perpetrator pulled out a firearm and held the woman at gunpoint where he demanded cash and other items.

The woman said she complied, after which, the suspect ran out of the Superbet outlet and escaped on a motorcycle.

A report was later lodged at the Wales Police Station. As police continued their investigation, the cashier reportedly confessed to never being robbed and related that she gambled and lost $300,000 of the Superbet money.

She eventually took police to her residence where the monies and said articles were found hidden in a washroom.

She remains in custody pending charges.