Sunken “Draga” not hampering vessels along the Mazaruni – MARAD


Following continued concerns over the sunken dredge in the Mazaruni River, a team from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) visited the site to ensure navigation was safe for passenger and cargo vessels; a professional salvager who was acquired by Crown Mining, also assessed the site to see which measures could be taken to have the dredge salvaged.

draggaOfficials from MARAD met with the Crown Mining on Monday, September 19, 2016 to discuss efforts to remove the sunken dredge at Perimap Falls in the Mazaruni River, a release from the said.

It was confirmed by MARAD that passenger and cargo vessels can traverse the area where the dredge is located, using bypass channels available for the smooth manoeuvring of vessels.

According to the release, Crown Mining will continue with efforts to remove the dredge with the use of excavators and operators.

Over the past few months, Crown Mining assiduously tried to remove the dredge from its current position, unfortunately high tide and the location of the dredge, between rocks in the waterfalls, made it impossible to manoeuvre special equipment to the site, the release noted. MARAD and Crown Mining have been severely criticised over the failure to remove the sunken dredge at Perimap Falls in the Mazaruni.

Residents have also complained about the sunken dredge and the government’s failure to have it moved. The channel in which the partially submerged dredge is lodged is the only avenue for transportation to the upper and middle Mazaruni.

Only a few days ago, the Ministry of Natural Resources in a statement, assured that between the responsible mining operator and the MARAD, there will be an intensified effort to remove the dredge ‘Draga’ from its location in the Mazaruni River.



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