Suicide saga continues: Essequibo teenager succumbs 13 days after drinking poison


Thirteen days after drinking a poisonous substance in her bid to commit suicide, 16-year-old Farhana Mohamed of Anna Regina squatting area in Region Two, today, succumbed at the Suddie Pubic Hospital. Mohamed, who recently got married, had related that she was facing “relationship” problems with her husband and in-laws.The 16-year-old mother of one who died earlier today after after doctors at the Suddie Hospital fail to save her life 13 days after she drank poison

Ferhana Mohamed, the 16-year-old mother of one who succumbed earlier today after doctors at the Suddie Hospital failed in their bid to save her life 13 days after she drank poison

The teenager, who is also a mother of one, reported that she drank one mouthful of ‘gamaxone’ poison due to frustration.
Meanwhile, two days ago, a 43-year-old market vendor was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital after she attempted to end her life. The mother of four is presently hospitalised and she reportedly ingested half glass of ‘gamaxone’.
INews understands that the market vendor, Nalinie Persaud, had an heated argument with her husband. She became frustrated and drank half glass of the poisonous substance due to confusion. Her condition is listen as critical.

Also, 22-year old Nelina Ramesh from La Belle Alliance who had ingested a quantity of medication has been discharged, while 24-year-old Yosoda Munniram from Fairfield took her own discharge and went home.
Sushelia Khemraj from San Souci Wakenaam and 20-year-old Savita Sursattie aka Bindu from Golden Fleece Estate are presently hospitalized. Doctors are monitoring their conditions.


With the alarming number of suicide cases on the Essequibo Coast, the Chairman of Region Two Daveanand Ramdatt had mentioned at a recent RDC statutory meeting that the situation is worrying and efforts will be made at the level of the RDC to help raise awareness. Already several religious organizations have planned several activities to tackle the suicide scourge plaguing Guyana.

So far for this year, 5 persons lost their lives to suicide in Region Two, dubbed the suicide capital for Guyana.



  1. I’m saddened at the loss of this beautiful young lady. To young to be a wife. Too young to be a mother and too young to die. Life is not always easy but it is worth living. Sleep In Peace precious soul.

  2. How can you go about naming the patients and giving thier villages??!! I mean naming the dead ones is one thing but this is irresponsible

  3. For info: The rate of suicide in Guyana is the highest in the world. Guyana only have 700,000 people; by using the word ‘pandemic’, it is the best way to describe the overall effect suicide is having on our people and the rapid response this situation needs. If Guyana is going to move forward, people like u need to stop the rhetoric and come up with real solutions

  4. Carl you must first ask the racist capharbhundhar madmaxx if he/she is not a racist…I guess you don’t read his post when he/she comes with many different names…you must ask first before pouncing

  5. Is the practice of forced child brides with older males still a practice in Guyana? This is sad.
    RIP Farhana, they wanted you to be an adult when you are still a child.

  6. DK you need to stop this bro. This is too sad to be calling ppl racist . The guy making a honest remark. Please, for god sake stop this nonsense.

  7. madmaxxx you capharbhundhart rejoicing because you seeing the right photo of the child. your installed leaders told the world they know how to stop people from killing themselves before they were installed by massa to what happened now and why cant yall racisit stop this plague ????

  8. Mr president, this pandemic is destroying families. You need to reach every family, every house with a suicide prevention programme. It is destroying our economy. It’s our government’s responsibility to educate our people and give them the tools to deal with life’s problems The previous administration turned a blind eye on this problem. This response must be rapid and broad with qualified people to do the job. It’s worth trying to save these people of ours, than do nothing.


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