Sugar workers to get WPI after Albion Estate surpasses target


See below for a statement from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo):

Albion Estate surpasses its sugar production target week ending March 19, 2022
The Albion/Port Mourant Estate has surpassed its sugar production target for the week ending March 19, 2022. The Estate exceeded its target by 7.9% for the week. This was the first weekly target surpassed for the year 2022 in the sugar sector.

As a result of this achievement, qualified employees (who worked 80% or more days available for the week) of Albion/Port Mourant Estate will benefit from an additional day’s pay (tax-free).

Despite the challenges posed by the intermittent rainfalls (almost 30 mm during this week), which has stalled the Estate’s mechanical harvesting operations, the Estate was able to leverage on the improved cane quality, better harvesters’ attendance and increased human productivity on the fields to push past the weekly target.

The Corporation at the commencement of the 1st Crop, 2022, introduced an improved Personal Performance Incentive (PPI) Scheme, which saw cane harvesters responding positively to same; hence, their improved attendance and productivity. This PPI handsomely reward each worker progressively as they improve their productivity with some workers adding more than G$15,000 to their weekly pay packet this week. The Corporation has also implemented a similar incentive scheme for the Planters, Fertilizing crew and Chemical Weed Control workers.

“I want to thank management and workers for achieving this weekly production incentive. With this, we will have more money for our families and I would like to encourage all workers to come out and let us achieve more weekly targets in the future at Albion Estate.” Those were the words from Omadat Seecharan, a Cane Harvester, attached to the 15B Gang at Albion/Port Mourant Estate.

Weekly Production Incentive (WPI) is one of several initiatives in place to boost employees’
productivity and was implemented on May 13, 1989. The payment of a WPI is based on the individual Estate’s achievement of one hundred per cent (100%) or more of its weekly sugar production target.

Once the targets achieved, employees on the Estate receives one additional day’s pay. If the Estate’s achievement is one hundred and thirty per cent (130%) or more of its target, then employees on the Estate will receive two days’ pay.

The Executive Management of GuySuCo congratulates the management and workers of Albion/Port Mourant Estate and urges all employees of grinding estates to strive towards the achievement of WPIs.