Sugar Unions shun grim Christmas warning; protest actions likely

L-R: Kenneth Joseph, Komal Chand and FITUG President, Carvil Duncan. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Some of the protesters outside GuySuCo's Head Office on November 03. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters outside GuySuCo’s Head Office on November 03. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Moments after a meeting between the National Association of Agricultural and Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) and the hierarchy of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) concluded at Ogle, a protest action featuring prominent unions was staged outside the compound.

NAACIE had met with GuySuCo’s Heads, Paul Bhim and Errol Hanoman, along with several other management officials.

According to Head of NAACIE, Kenneth Joseph, the meeting did not mention anything about salary negotiations but instead they were told of the delay with the final report of the GuySuCo Commission of Inquiry.

“We were given a history of the crisis that the company [GuySuCo] is now claiming that it finds itself in…We were invited to hear and not to negotiate; the company is not in a position to negotiate,” said Joseph.

He explained that when the issue was brought up, GuySuCo could not provide any date or time frame for wage talks.

“The last question I asked is when would they be prepared to negotiate? And I was advised I might know better than them…so it is correct for me to say that GuySuCo does not know when it will negotiate,” he told reporters.

L-R: Kenneth Joseph, Komal Chand and FITUG President, Carvil Duncan. [iNews' Photo]
L-R: Kenneth Joseph, Komal Chand and FITUG President, Carvil Duncan. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, President of GAWU, Komal Chand said he is concerned with a recent press release issued by GuySuCo stating that there are implications there in and workers are not taking it lightly.

“What I think was not put over so well is when GuySuco said that workers may have a grim Christmas… Does it mean that GuySuCo is going to retaliate in some way? Workers are not taking it very kindly,” said Chand.

GuySuCo in a statement on October 30, had appealed to the unions and sugar workers to get on with the task of taking off the crop, completing the tillage and planting programmes.

“Let us not be hasty. There will be negotiations, just not today,” Hanoman said, as he called on all to focus their energies on a good outcome in the evolving road map for the industry.



  1. Carl Isn’t that what this Gov’t is doing giving them bailout as much as $12B and these three stooges want wages increase instead of first having the company stand on its own two feet. Sugar workers will have to decide which side of the fence they will stand, with sugar and assist to build back the industry or with the Unions rip the bread out of their brothers mouth. Let them decide bro make or break.

  2. Madmaxx you might be right bro but this is not the time to do it. With the economy being like this the ripple effect with so much ppl out of jobs will cause more crime and kids to go hungry. When the car companies in the US was in trouble the US government had to bail them out because of the ripple effect it will have on the economy. They were too big to shut down. I like your objective comments. Ppl in Guyana need to stop blaming each other. Unite ppl. US cant fix their race problem you think they will try to fix yours? Stop looking at party and race and live united.

  3. Correction Carl,,back bone of the PPP voters,sugar is not in demand, and even sugar producing country has upgraded its system,mechanical harvesting and modern equipment replaced cane cutters,what the PPP should have been doing 23 yrs ago is giving the land to the cane cutters to farm fruit and cash crop for export, this government is not going to do anything for those hard working people,they on their own,

  4. Side kick u talking nonsense, How about closing down the liquor manufacturer, The product that causes the most problem in the world and what every scripture warn about, Sugar is still a big commodity in the world today, If the U.S. was in a position to grow sugar cane for production u think they will close it down? No sir they will find a way to fix it properly.

  5. The Sugar Workers are being lead by Three (3) stooges, Komal, Kenneth and Carvil, all soup drinkers and political activists. Carvil should tell the Guyanese labour how he can afford a new model AUDI. From the crowd it is glaring that the Unions don’t have the support of their members for their were non from GAWU and GLU, only the few NAACIE members who went to some meeting. They were interested also.

    Over the next few days Komal and his political acolytes would tried their best to hood wink the sugar workers into coming out in their masses against the Change Government. They have been complaining all the time and didn’t have the support from the people to back their concerns so the plan is to go and confuse the sugar workers to come out.

    But they are in for a surprise for these workers are not like lang time they think for themselves and would make hay while sun shine and work to complete their crop and gain the extra incentives.

    These workers are no dunce they are fully aware of the crisis Guysuco is in currently and that they would need to play their part. I will no doubt speak to my fellow Berbician to work, we are doing extremely good at Skeldon which is on the straight hold the rein and let the big horse run.

    Sugar workers should mandate their reps who are going to Sat meeting at GAWU to debunk the call for a strike. Will the Union give strike relieve or assistant to the poor sugar workers families when they can’t earn. Komal, Kenneth and Carvil salaries and Bank account are very solid we have seen Komal Parliament increase and Carvil teking fo heself from GPL ya right.

    Which company in the world is as bad as Guysuco and still give wages Increase, what about a pay cut to play your part. Consider, I would give back 5% from what I get from the Job evaluation.

  6. When will you understand that sugar is no longer king. The whole world has taken note of the diabetic effect of sugar, and apart from that people are using other sweeteners in the place of sugar. The sugar workers are being led by their noses, when will they understand the PPP is using them for political reasons.

  7. take some of the government pay and give it to them,because they do`t pay for water,light,telephone,gas, kero,

  8. Side Kick, the country is in crisis and the ministers taking big increase for themselves. The sugar industry was always a back bone of Guyana so they need to find a way for it work. That’s a must.

  9. Tahe president and his ministers increase is not valued at billions. The sugar industry is a liability and should be sold. The industry is no longer the PPP’s achilles heel. Even if the sugar workers get more welfare they will still vote PPP.

  10. No Dopechan:: Guysuco means, why would you want to cut your nose to spite your face.The workers should realize by now, that you are not working in, or for, their best interest, but blindly following the orders from the now, so pitifull, PooPyParty. Workers, you can work as well as you have been doing and collect your wages and bonuses, and make a case for an increase in wages:: or you can blindly follow your non leaders and strike forever, and collect no wages, or bonuses, and definitely not be in a position to bargain for an increase in wages.YOUR CHOICE!.BE YOUR OWN MASTERS, because we all know “massa day done”.

  11. There was a time when the Sugar Industry was making direct economic contributions to the country. Back then I would understand the Government being forced to give in to the demands. Now it is revealed/confirmed that the sugar industry is a huge liability to the country. Reminds me of the UG strike where the govt didnt care how long UG was shut down for, it was actually saving the govt expenses when UG was shut down. UG subvention was budgeted at GUY$1.4B for the entire 2014 while a whopping GUY$12.0B subventions to GUYSUCO has been made/approved between July and August 2015. It will be interestinng to see the govt response to workers of GUYSUCO in the face of UG workers still on their demands.

  12. the contry in crisis and the president and all his ministers got there increase ya right this time na lang time

  13. These people got some nerve, the sugar industry is in crisis and they want a wage increase. This is political and it will not end well. This time na lang time.


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