‘Suddie hospital theatre is a disgrace’; major overhaul planned

Dr Norton interacting with the doctor on call in the male ward of the Suddie hospital
The Suddie Hospital
The Suddie Hospital

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton, has been familiarising himself with the public health system and general operational conditions, through several visits to regional hospitals and other medical institutions.

His latest visit took him and his team to the Suddie Hospital, Region 2, where he expressed disappointment with the state of the institution’s infrastructure, and the non-availability of key medical equipment.

There is also the situation of the operating theatre which was constructed over five years ago, and is not functioning, due to the shabby work done by the contractor. The tiled walls are hollow and electrical works were badly done.

The theatre of this hospital can best be described as “scandalous” Minister Norton said. “…it is a disgrace to see what persons might have approved and written off as work they were paid so much to do…the walls are literally hollow, even though it is tiled, and my impression is that you’ve got to break everything down. I am one of the persons who said we are not here to break and build over, but I think in this case, if we want the best for the citizens of the Region, then we have got to do better, we got to break down this theatre, and build a new one.”

This, he said will be discussed at the level of the Ministry of Health, and insisted that there will be an investigation as to who signed off on the contract.

Minister Norton said that the Suddie Hospital should be on par with the Linden, West Demerara and the New Amsterdam Hospitals, and “there is no justification for the condition Suddie is in at the moment.”

Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton interacting with doctors at the Suddie hospital
Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton interacting with doctors at the Suddie hospital

Several parts of the hospital’s roof are also leaking, and there are also issues of inadequate water supply and electrical supply, posing danger to the staff. The Minister also spoke of equipment not being properly maintained.

“The mere fact that you can have those wards of your Paediatric Department soaked with a stream, actually running across the floor, tells you that we need a major overhaul in this entire hospital…I am not at all pleased with the hospital. A major step was taken to rebuild the Linden Hospital, and as such, steps must now follow,” Minister Norton pointed out.

The maintenance of medical equipment is not only contained to Suddie; there are also cases of equipment being bought that are unsuitable. The hospital has a portable x-ray machine that was brought and cannot function because it is not suitable.

There is also the case of non-availability of important medical equipment, no ventilators, insufficient number of monitors and reagents.

The hospital is equipped with close to 30 doctors, who complain of working under very unsuitable conditions, dwelling in a very cramped room, while on call, with no bathroom facility, television or microwave.

The Administrator explained that a house was made available to them a month ago; however, the doctors are claiming that no one informed them of that arrangement.

Dr Norton interacting with the doctor on call in the male ward of the Suddie hospital
Dr Norton interacting with the doctor on call in the male ward of the Suddie hospital

Dr Norton said that the Government will do what is necessary to better the situation; however, the local officers and the Hospital Administration have to do their part to improve the working conditions of heath care providers.

He said that the system needs to be monitored more stringently, and his approach would be to deal closely with all Hospital Administrators. Regional Health Officers, he said, should play a more integral part in the whole system.

The Minister also visited the Oscar Joseph Hospital in Charity, and the Kabakaburi, Karawab, Abram’s Creek, Siriki and St. Monica Health posts. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Fire all those nincompoos of the the ppp regime who gave contracts to friends and family and make work projects so they can shave off the fat and put in their pockets. It’s a bloddy shame what was going on. No wonder goat bite man and others are picketing and don’t want to take their seats in parliament. They know they would be on cctv to answer questions of how they squandered the people’s monies and have no shame for it.

  2. The Minister should fired his Permanent Secretary and Deputy. Again these guys are the accounting officers for the ministry and if they did not certified that the work done was satisfactory the contractor would not paid. so act now minister fired them , don’t watch their ethnicity. also the engineer and clerk work should be fired immediately.

  3. Somebody have to briefed the minister on modern construction,he said the tile wall is hollow .The reason the wall is hollow you do the outer wall ,then place four inches stud then wall backing, then tile there will be a four inches space between the two wall.the wall is really hollow.


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