Students targeted as change to Guyana’s ‘litter crisis’


By Kurt Campbell

Environment Minister, Robert Persaud during his address to the students.
Environment Minister, Robert Persaud during his address to the students.

[] – Students from schools across Georgetown were exposed to a ‘ground breaking’ environmental documentary titled ‘Trashed’ which explores how the global problems of waste disposal and management is degrading the environment and putting the health and future of the planet at risk.

The film explored some of the world’s most polluted area and highlighted how trash in one of those areas can affect people throughout the world.

Delivering remarks at the event held at the Theatre Guild, Kingston, Georgetown United States Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt presented facts that show how trash in one place can affect people in another.

“That is why we all need to work together to protect our environment” he said, adding that “The Unites States welcomes the leadership and commitment that Minister Persaud has demonstrated on the issue since he assumed the portfolio of minister of the environment.”

The US Ambassador added that the time is now for persons to stop talking about litter and its associated problems and start doing something about it. “I hope that through this documentary people will get a renewed sense of how their actions locally can have an impact globally.”

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Robert Persaud expressed the hope that the film will inspire action and attitudinal changes to how the younger generation relates to solid waste disposal.

“Our best hope is investing in you, our young people, to bring about the type of change we want to in our society so that we can conquer this problem and perhaps to some extent this crisis.”

He charged students to be the agent of change and the Governments’ ‘eyes and ears’ in their communities.

The documentary was aired in Berbice, Region Six and will be shown in Linden, Region 10 soon.

The Government through the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has embarked on several initiatives to tackle the issues of garbage disposal and management and have agreed on legislation/regulations that institutes penalties for persons caught in breach of regulations governing waste disposal.

There have also been collaborative efforts with the Diplomatic Community in this regard.



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