Strong team shortlisted for Bolivia Volleyball Invitational


As the Bolivia Volleyball Invitational looms nearer, some 16 males were shortlisted to be part of the national senior team who will represent Guyana when the tournament begins on May 26.

Following weeks of intense training, match simulations, and other measures which were part of the preparatory camp, National Head Coach Levi Nedd made the first step in finalising the squad, following Sunday’s session at the National Gymnasium.

Some of players going through their routines at the National Gymnasium during last Sunday’s assessment

The jam-packed Gymnasium saw a number of top players from both Georgetown and Berbice vying for spots in the team ahead of the competition, which will serve as further preparation ahead of the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) at the end of the year.

Nedd and company carried out a thorough assessment starting in the afternoon and going into the evening. In the end, Nedd was satisfied with the day’s activities and he announced a strong team featuring some of Guyana’s foremost male national/international players, as well as a number of upcoming talents.

The squad features popular names such as Quacy Matheson, Devendra Latchman, Adriel Moore, Shemroy Ross, Samuel Fraser, Trevlon McRae and others who have represented Guyana with great success at various overseas tournaments in the past.

Nedd confirmed that both the male and female teams, who were shortlisted in the past successive weeks, will continue their training at the respective Berbice and Georgetown locations.

Also, both teams are scheduled to meet this coming Friday and Saturday at the National Gymnasium to specifically fine-tune themselves ahead of the Bolivia invitational, with the Coach promising further shortlisting will be done in the days to come.

Senior males shortlisted for Bolivia: Ronaldo Bobb, Trevlon McRae, Samuel Fraser, Ian Bagot, Shemroy Ross, Quacy Matheson, Joshua Jagmohan, Juan Calzado, Geno Carroll, Adriel Moore, Marcelious Hector, Kapil Samaroo, Akeem Bowling, Richard Samaroo, Dester Hoppie, and Devendra Latchman. (Clifton Ross)



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