State Minister hosts appreciation ceremony for MOTP’s national awardees


Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, today, Tuesday 7th June 2016 hosted a very brief and informal appreciation ceremony for Ministry of the Presidency’s national awardees. This is ahead of a more national and formal ceremony expected to take place before the end of this year for all awardees.

Harmon who stepped out of Cabinet for the simple but important ceremony expressed congratulations to the five awardees. “Here at the Ministry of the Presidency we do appreciate the work you’ve done to get to this level”, Harmon said.

Minister Joseph Harmon and the MOTP national awardees
Minister Joseph Harmon and the MOTP national awardees

He further reminded the awardees that “to whom much is given, more is desired”.

The minister explained that the awards are significant because they also indicate that those who receive them have the capacity to perform at an even higher level.

He ended his brief remarks by expressing pride as he believes the awarded staffers have raised the level of the Ministry of the Presidency and will serve as good examples and role models for other staffers who may be striving to achieve the same.

Meanwhile, National Awardee and Permanent Secretary Reginald Brotherson who spoke on behalf of the group expressed appreciation for the gesture. He said, “We are committed to country, our job and development” as he pointed out that “reward sweetens labour, but labour brings forth the sweetness”.

The National Awardees at the Ministry of the Presidency are:

  • Maureen Lynette Stephenson (Deputy Secretary to Cabinet) – For her long service with exceptional dedication in the Public Service, more particularly Ministry of the Presidency
  • Nancy Ferreira (Senior Confidential Secretary to the President) – for her long service with exceptional dedication in the Ministry of the Presidency
  • Ingrid Cecilia Forde (Office Manager, Ministry of the Presidency) – for her long and dedicated service in Ministry of the Presidency
  • Reginald Brotherson (Permanent Secretary, Department of Public Service, Ministry of the Presidency) -for his long and dedicated service as a public servant
  • William Victor Cecil Cox (Senior Public Servant and Political Assistant to the President)


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